if you hadn't already known this about the PDP-8

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Russ Blakeman
>Hell my first network was through a null modem cable, from my Osborne to a
>serial display terminal. On a PC to PC it's basically swpping pin 2 to 3, 3
>to 2 so that xmit goes to recv and vice-versie. You're both right though - I
>know these "experts" with A+ that have never hard of a 386 processor let
>alone a 68000 series, you mention Motorola and they go "the radio makers?".

Hehe, there is irony in that last statement (as history goes round
full circle :-). BTW, I've been pretty good at getting most serial
devices to communicate with each other. With some trickery I can get
some devices to jump layer 1 protocols. A good breakout box can let
you go a great distance! But I haven't done a whole lot of current
loop (wet or dry [zap] ;-).

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