if you hadn't already known this about the PDP-8

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> That would be the "new" geek who believes the first computer
> was a Pentium.
> I was setting up my C64 next to my PC one day and a "geek"
> mad the comment
> "Oh you can hookup the 64 to the PCs video switchbox"... Is
> it that hard to
> belive that a computer could possibly output something
> *other* then VGA
> for its vidoe?!? Grrrrrr....

Ha! Actually, along those lines, I have an SGI with a Galileo board, which
I've considered plugging my Atari 600XL/Commodore 128/Amiga/Atari ST/Apple
IIGS, etc, into.

It would be a great computing experience on a 21" monitor. :)

The problem is that the SGI is a bit too sensitive for most composite video
devices up to and including the Nintendo-64. They "flicker," I assume
because of a slightly slow refresh rate.

I've thought about writing some software that "simulates" the slower
fade-out of a television CRT in a quick, dirty manner -- by simply dropping
alternate frames, or the like.

Anyway, back on the subject, don't get me started on idiots who don't know a
serial-port from a hole in their head, and who couldn't tell an operating
system from a microsoft product. ;)

(To whit: I worked at one point with a guy who was convinced that every
operating system in the world was derived in some manner from MS-DOS. Yes,
that includes the Macintosh operating system too. "CP/M? What's that?
Unix is based on MS-DOS, right?" The guy was a "programmer.")



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