MITS 2SIO serial chip?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 14:17:46 2001

I don't know what "WORST" means in this context, but I never had a bit of
trouble with the 8250, having used it in a number of mass-produced applications.

A lot depends on your expectations and on how well you've read the datasheet.
If you built the hardware to work with the device you've designed in, following
the spec's, they all worked pretty well.

The old UARTs were, far and away, IMHO, the easiest and most forgiving, though.
They required the most external logic, though, and once the more intgrated
chips, e.g. the 6850 with its integrated handshaking and interrupt logic, and
the 8250, with its integrated that logic plus the internal baud rate generator,
came down somewhat in price, the more highly integrated parts became more


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> > NS* did use them as did many others. The worst chip was
> > the 8250.
> Which makes me wonder what possessed IBM to pick it for the PC.
> g.
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