Hardest to Find Classic Computers

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 12:25:57 2001

>What are the hardest to find Classic Computers?

I would have to go for the Lisa, and the Mac TV. I see both on ebay from
time to time, but never at a price I personally can afford (but at
affordable "collector" prices, usually around $200 for a Mac TV).

I think the Mac TV gets special mention, because it is VERY hard to find
a properly complete one, one that has the black keyboard and mouse, and
even harder to find one with manuals and CDs (although a totally
complete, just shy the packing materials one just sold on ebay for a
little over $200 IIRC on the price). There were enough made and sold
commercially that it should be out of your restrictions (I remember them
being available new at the local Computer City when they came out).

And I might also include a TAM (20th Anniversaty Mac), but I haven't
searched enough to know for sure that they are hard to get (when I do
look, if they are there, they usually sell for $1500, which puts them WAY
out of my price range, so I don't look very often)

>Also not intended as the thrust of the topic:
> Systems you most of all want

Unfortuantly, all three of my mentions fall into this catagory... but
then, if they weren't hard for me to find, I would have one of each
already, and then I wouldn't want them... so I guess by default, the hard
to find are going to be the ones I most want.

Anything outside Mac stuff, I dont pay enough attention to to know if it
is hard to find (I can tell you a few things that AREN'T hard to find...
486's, 14" VGAs and inkjet printers out the ass in the local curbside

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