Hardest to Find Classic Computers

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 16:53:12 2001

>Just because you cannot afford them does not mean they are hard to find.
>The fact that you do see them on eBay from time to time actually means
>that they are more common than you think. Lisa's are not at all "rare",
>despite what the geographically challenged claim. However, it depends on
>what model of Lisa we are talking about.

Around here (NJ) Lisa's (any model) and Mac TV's are rare, at least as
far as what I have found... and that goes beyond eBay (ebay isn't
regional, local used shops, garage sales, junk yards, newspaper ads, flea
markets... those are all regional).

It is quite possible these things are readily available else where in the
world, but here, they are not. If there is some magic land where these
things go apleanty, PLEASE fill me in, as I would love to get them for
shipping cost or just above... but I asked about that once before on this
list when I was told shortages of lisa's were a regional thing... and no
one told me where to get one, or offered me one... so I tend to think,
there is no land of pleanty outside of collector mythos.

As for affording them, that was just commented on because IIRC one of the
criteria was that they should be collector affordable. I myself can't
afford squat, but the prices I have seen them go for, when I have seen
them (which happens to ONLY be online stores/auctions... ebay included)
they are affordable for an average collector... I am just a very
destitute collector so I have always had to pass on them.

I am very sure that they are much more readily available than many other
systems (as evidenced by the fact that they show up at all on ebay), but
like I ended my first email with... outside of mac stuff, I really don't
pay attention, so I can't say what is rare. That basically means, my rare
statements were perspective of Mac's, and NOT of the entire computer

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