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Date: Fri Dec 14 15:01:54 2001

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My Data General 6025? 9 track drive is intended to rack-mount. In fact, I
pulled it from an MV9000 machine. It is easily man-portable but doesn't
have an enclosure per se. It sits neatly inside a cheap pressboard printer
stand I have with plenty of room for tapes etc. Of course this particular
unit is limited to 7" tapes.



>> > Do peripherals count too? If so, try finding a 9-track
>> drive that doesn't
>> > take up as much room as your fridge. Any EDSI hardware and
>> controllers have
>> > been very elusive to me as well.
>> Actually, there are some table-top 9-track drives. There is
>> a limit on how
>> small a 9-track drive can be since you have to accommodate
>> two large reels.
>> In fact, next week I'm picking up a table-top 9-track SCSI
>> drive for $75.

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