Color Coding, A/C (Mains) Leads, USA ONLY, Redux

From: Robert Schaefer <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 19:14:19 2001

> Hello,
> This topic was rehashed not too long ago, but rather
> than read 6 weeks worth of thread on it, let me star it
> again.
> I have a PSU, the input leads (part of the EMI filter
> I think) are labeled L, G, and N. G is I am sure, the
> ground.




> Of N and L (beutral and low?), which goes to thewhite
> wire, and which goes to the black wire?


Black = hot
White = neutral

The neutral is bonded to ground (at only one place in the service) and the
black is generally the A phase of a 120/208v or 120/240v 3 phase system or
the A leg of a 120/240v single phase system.


I've been thinking about a FAQ to cover this, but it's sooooo localized that
I spent more time writing disclaimers that I never got very far into it.
Any non-us electricians want to compare notes, and make it sound like we're
well traveled?

> The A/C cord is a 20amp type with the two blades at
> 90 degrees to each other as in "| -".

I can't recall which is the hot and neutral offhand, but you should be able
to ring it out with a meter. Be careful. Ask questions first, as opposed
to never!

> Thanks,
> -doug q

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