if you hadn't already known this about the PDP-8

From: Matthew Sell <msell_at_ontimesupport.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 22:30:02 2001

Serial terminals have worked with Linux for a few years now. Heck, in the
1.x days I was running serial terminals under Linux, and even using modems
and VT100 emulators on PC's on the other end.....

         - Matt

>I believe Linux will now run with a serial terminal. NetBSD certainly
> > Thirdly, is there any good reason why you can't use a serial terminal
> > linked to an RS232 port any more? In which case the PC wouldn't need a
> > video card at all, unless it needs one to pass the POST (and you don't
> > know how to patch the bios to get round it).
>This should work just fine. You just have to compile the kernel with the
>necessary options.
>Peace... Sridhar

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