Hardest to Find Classic Computers

From: Loboyko Steve <sloboyko_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 22:42:08 2001

I'm interested in extremely early micros, so, my

Mike computers from Martin Research (esp. 8008 based)


Qwint Systems terminals (Z-80 based)

Intel 4004, 8008, 4040 development systems

I worked for Martin Reasearch (when its name was
changed to Qwint) and there were Mike parts all over
the place as junk, damnit. OTOH, if I listed the stuff
I threw out in the 80's, people on this list would
probably cry...

I wanted a Scelbi so bad I got the prints and manual;
with these, I'm building an 8008 machine that will
combine the best parts of the designs of the Scelbi,
Mark-8, and Mike computers. I have also resurrected
the SCELBAL computer language and have modified it to
be ROMMable. I've written a Windows-based 8008
emulator/debugger for it that runs SCELBAL on a
virtual TTY on the screen or out a serial port.
Interestringly, even a stock, fully loaded Scelbi-8H
didn't have enough address space to run SCELBAL!

A few people (on this list) are (hopefully) beta
testing the emulator/debugger. Combined with a
completely restored ADM-3A and some paper tape
punches/readers, I hope to have a maintainable,
demonstratable, working model of a 70's home
computing setup.

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