Hardest to Find Classic Computers (Was: RE: Way OT: Just say no t o squirrels & Pascal question)

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Sat Dec 15 00:06:20 2001

> > > What are the hardest to find Classic Computers?

> > I have had a serious drought on Tomy Tutors. Granted, I have two,
> > which is more than my fair share, but that's just tough for the rest
> > of you :-)

> I used to have three, then Hans whined a bunch. Now I just have two ;)
> What carts do you have for yours? I've got about 6-8, plus the paddles
> and the joystick and some other nifty doohickey.

Let's see. I have 14 total, seven boxed and seven loose, plus the Data
Recorder which I had to repair over the weekend, joystick and joypads.
Paddles? I didn't know there were paddles available; are they actually
real potentiometer paddles, or do you mean the twin joypad set? And what's
the doohickey?

The agonisingly "common" domestic cartridge I'm still missing is Torpedo
Terror. There's a few other domestic cartridges I haven't found yet, but
those are much more uncommon.

Of the seven loose, five are some Japanese imports that a fellow Tomy fan
found and sold to me at a comparatively inexpensive price. Alas, the rest
were spoken for to the tune of several hundred dollars. The imports are
kind of fun, and (not so?) surprisingly, most of them are in English. I have
one in Japanese, but since American Tutors don't have the characters in ROM,
there's just unmapped random garbage where the characters should be.

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