Arrrgh!! Piecemeal auction!

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 03:21:43 2001

At 10:08 PM 12/14/01 -0500, you wrote:

>People on here have talked about people on eBay taking a perfectly good
>working machine and selling it off piece by piece but this takes the
>capacitor screwdriver, soldering iron and sucker....
>This person? is selling 40 little plastic thingies that go under a key on
>the Commodore 128's keyboard along with a spring!!!
>Excuse while I go bang my head against a wall... Did you know if you do that
>for an hour you burn 150 calories?

oh, come on -- it isn't like the guy was unsoldering the TTL from an Apple
1 to sell as parts. If he is willing to put in the effort and ship 50
boxes to make $50, then he has a lot more time on his hands than I do.

So even if they came from a working machine, perhaps 5 people out there who
have a Commodore 128 sitting unused because it has a broken keycap can buy
a replacement part at a reasonable price, yielding a net increase in
working vintage machines.

Speaking as a person who has an organ donation card filled out, I just hope
that my logic applies only to computers and not to people who haven't yet
reached the end of the line.
I'd rather keep my organs for a while longer.

Jim Battle ==
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