[PDP8-Lovers] how to clean a PDP8/A, dishwasher?

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sat Dec 15 14:53:35 2001

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <jss_at_subatomix.com>

>I asked and was told not to clean the core, that whatever junk gets
>in there wou't hurt the core's operation. Maybe it's time for round 2
>the discussion.
>What if something in that dust is conductive?

I'd rise in clean water maybe Isopropanol(91% or better) by dipping in a
pan with a large quanitiy. Agitate minimally, no brushing or high
pressure air near the mat. dry with warm (NOT HOT) hairdryer.

>What if something in that dust has wierd magnetic properties?
>What if that dust interferes with the core's cooling?

See above.

>What if I slowly dipped the core board into a pan of IPA or distilled
>water, then slowly lifted it out, and repeated until the core board was

IPA may not be the best bet for the muck. Use a lage quanity so that
you don't saturate the solution with the muck. Rinse again with fresh
solution to further remove the muck. You might try water with
a small (1%) amount of detergent too. Risnse water out with IPA and
blow dry with hair dryer on warm, not hot.

Remember IPA is flammable and to do a PDP-8 core I'd use about
2 quarts (2L for those on the otherside) for first rine and about the
same for the second. So use care and DO IT OUTSIDE.

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