[PDP8-Lovers] how to clean a PDP8/A, dishwasher?

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Sun Dec 16 09:16:32 2001

On December 16, Innfogra_at_aol.com wrote:
> Found it. A very interesting issue. There are several other stories I would
> be interested in also. Thank you.

  You're very welcome.

  Unfortunately these scans aren't from *my* bytes...my collection
doesn't go back that far, as I was 7 years old in 1976...so I can't go
scan more of 'em. :-(

  Eventually I'll beef up my BYTE collection, probably via eBay. There
are a LOT of great articles in there. Of course I do have all of the
wonderful Ciarcia books, so my BYTE collecting motivation has been
partially satisfied. :-)


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