[PDP8-Lovers] how to clean a PDP8/A, dishwasher?

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sun Dec 16 09:42:37 2001

The older large ferrite core is easier to work with though
much slower. The bigger cores produce a larger output
when they switch but the cycle times are in the
3-5uS range. The later is helpful for demos as nothing
is too fast.


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>I've looked into this too. Problems are many. It's
>definitely not a trivial project, lots of analog and
>electromagnetic voodoo, and the chips that made it
>easier are very hard to find. I've got a small
>capacity large doughnut ca. 1960 core plane from an
>IBM machine and a 4K by 16 plane from the 70's with
>very tiny doughnuts, both unused, and I'd love to
>demonstrate how it worked.
>--- ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net> wrote:
>> From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
>> >I have a Question for the other core users out
>> there:
>> >How would I test-signal a board, for demos, that is
>> >just a core frame, IE one sacrificed from its stack
>> >and sold at the e- flea market?
>> It's a non trivial thing to do. Core by definition
>> is destructive
>> read out memory. So to demo a core you need to
>> provide
>> the coincident current (x,y) and the
>> inhibit/write/read signals
>> with the associated timing. Both the currents and
>> the
>> timing are critical. takes a lot of stuff to do
>> that.
>> Allison
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