Flashing Light Indicators un Simple Front Panels

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Dec 15 18:11:06 2001

>And as Jeff said - Amigas flash the power LED. The flash is between low
>and high intensity, and it's actually an indication of the status of the
>audio filter :&) IIRC, bright is off and dimmer is on. And yes, it flashes
>before you get a Guru Meditation (kickstart 1.3 and below) or Software
>Failure (kickstart 2+). Gives you a chance to press right mouse button and
>fire up ROMwhack :&)

        I knew that while running some applications such as GMPlay
that the LED would dim but I was never sure why. That's a good thing
to know. You're right though that it's not a GURU for KS 2+, but a
software failure. I tend to describe any error which brings up the
red box error as a GURU though. It gives you little option other
than pressing the mouse button and rebooting.

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