Burroughs - any information?

From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Sat Dec 15 16:34:18 2001

Ahhh, I'm touched by caring love ..................;=)

And I must admit I was rather fond of those machines
back in 1985 ... 1986..... but I'd just laid my hand on
some even bigger hardware so something had to go ....

In my current housing there wouldn't even remotely
be enough room.

I do have a kinda database that translates "B" numbers
to 74xx numbers as far as the TTL goes. Problem
It's somewhere on one of my 8" CP/M disks. But if
I really need them I pull out my old Grundy and start
swapping disks (wonder if they still contain anything though)
Fortunatly most are still in the right stash along with other
74xx stuff.

Internet would have come in handy in those times but for
me that was to start only about 9 years later ...................

Thanx for the reaction anyway

Sipke de Wal


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Subject: Burroughs - any information?

> Where were you a few years ago when I was looking
> for a home for my Burroughs software & manuals (didn't
> run across this list at the time though). After 10 years
> or so programming these babies (L/TC/B80&90) I'd
> accumulated pretty well every piece of firmware, utility
> & app software there was, but then (as now) there wasn't
> much interest in what most people (unfairly, in my biased
> opinion) derided as "just" an accounting machine (you
> haven't lived 'till you've played Lunar Lander with
> a golfball printer...)
> Unlike the mainframes, these machines were generally
> sold outright & therefore scrapped outside of Burroughs,
> so there were lots of them around.
> Finally sold the hard disk carts to a rebuilder,
> recycled the floppies & tossed the mylar tapes
> & manuals.
> HOWEVER, I do still have an electrical parts
> catalogue from 1972, a little early for the B80,
> but might have some of those chips from the
> TC listed; if you're interested, send me a couple
> of part numbers off list & I'll see if they're listed
> and it's worth while scanning it for ya.
> If size vs computing power were a criterion,
> there wouldn't be very many old mainframes in
> Sridhar's collection...
> And yes, rugged indeed; extremely reliable, aside
> from the occasional head crash. Alas, many of
> them were disembowelled & ended up as desks
> or workbenches.
> As mentioned elsewhere, I also still have a digital
> cassette drive & tapes with who knows what on
> them (for the L/TC's), as well as a TD700 flat-
> screen display unit & controller for the B80, if
> anybody's interested.
> mike
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> From: "Sipke de Wal" <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
> Subject: Re: Burroughs - any information?
> I did obtain about 5 TC5500 consoles and a B80
> back in the '80.
> They were rather large for their computing power
> and no software was obtainable so I scrapped them.
> I still have a couple of kilo's TTL-chips from them, with
> their own Burroughs legacy partnumbers.
> Very rugged design though!
> Maybe you could get some old "B" hardeware but
> software was out of the question.
> Sipke de Wal
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