Arrrgh!! Piecemeal auction!

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 21:11:10 2001

While I agree completely with what you've said, I'd point out that you
frequently seem to take the position that one should always repair a machine and
never use one for parts. It's an easy thing to say, but, in light of your
comment, I'm sure you realize how hard it is to determine where to draw the line
between machines for parts and machines to fix.

I made the remark earlier that he's actually performing a useful service in that
he's making parts available that many would simply have tossed out.


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> > People on here have talked about people on eBay taking a perfectly good
> > working machine and selling it off piece by piece but this takes the
> > capacitor screwdriver, soldering iron and sucker....
> Is there any evidence that he has stripped a working machine for parts?
> Does he have other auctions where he's selling the keycaps, keyboard
> frame, keyboard PCB, logic PCB, chips, case parts, passive components, etc?
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> > This person? is selling 40 little plastic thingies that go under a key on
> > the Commodore 128's keyboard along with a spring!!!
> OK, say I have a C128. I've got keyboard problems and need some
> replacement 'widgets'. Where should I go to get them?
> -tony
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