Ampro Little Board questions...

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sat Dec 15 15:44:26 2001

From: Gene Buckle <>
>belongs with it. Does anyone have a Series 100 box that could give me
>the measurements and connector orientation & location of the floppy

Nothing magic. the last one I had used was from a PC.

>Secondly, I don't know what "brand" SCSI controller is built into the
>board. The SCSI chip seems to be an NCR 5830, but that leads me nowhere
>in relation to whether or not it's an Adaptec or other model controller.
>I need to know the brand because the hd formatting software needs to
>know it.

Your applying PC logic to it. It's is not Adaptec, i'ts just SCSI
(SCS1 or II) host and the NCR5380 is one of the early and common
chips used for that.

The brand applies to the "other" board, what is known as a SCSI
bridge board. Adaptec, Xybec, WD and other made them. You
need to know what board and what drive to do the formatting. If
you dont mind hacking Z80 code you can go frm an AMPRO LB
with SCSI to a smaller SCSI drive (64mb or less, or the rest will
be unused).

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