Ampro Little Board questions...

From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Sun Dec 16 13:37:22 2001

What is so bloody difficult about this? It's not like I'm asking
questions about quantum mechanics or something. Keerist.

I had two questions. The one about the SCSI interface has been answered
to my satisfaction. The second however is not only the easiest of the
two, but seeming the most difficult to answer.

What I want to know in the simplest terms IS:

How long was the original 2 drive floppy cable that was shipped with the
Ampro Series 100 enclosure?
Where were the connectors on that cable located as measured from the
computer end.

If you happen to own a Series 100 box, I'd be most appriciative if you'd
open it up and let me know what you find out about the cable. If you
_don't_ own one of these things, I don't want to hear from you. Period.

I know how to build my own cables. I know what connectors are required.
(I even have a purpose built connector compression tool!) I'm trying to
restore this machine to _factory_ condition. Smart ass comments about
making my own cables (while simultaneously alluding that I don't know
what the fsck I'm doing) is not only not wanted, but just pisses me off.
If I'd wanted to make a generic, "will do the job" cable, I wouldn't
have asked about the original one!

FYI, the machine is built for CP/M. It runs CP/M quite happily. Even
with ZCPR3.
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