On Sequent Symmetry S81 and PC Jr.

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Date: Sun Dec 16 05:00:28 2001

On 14 Dec, Christopher Smith wrote:

>> > Drives, but I can probably handle that...
>> What interface SMD?
> Possibly, it's hard to tell since I'm not sure what an SMD interface looks
> like. I could turn it over and check but I don't know what to look for. ;)
We had a dual channel SMD controller. There was a big ribbon cable from
the CPU cabinet to the disk cabinet. In the top of the disk cabinet was
some kind of distribution PCB with the standard 60 and 26 pin SMD
connectors. Normaly there is one 60 ribbon cable per bus that goes to
all drives (much like SCSI) and one 26 pin ribbon cable per drive to
the controller. Sequent did somthing different. There was a separate 60
cable to each drive.

> Did you get the chance to find out how performance faired when you add more
> CPU?
I did nerver change the CPU config and we never really used the system.
To much heat in our litle room. ;-)

> It is amusing for me to see _any_ intel cpu running in an SMP config, and
> the fact that from what I've heard, Sequent made them do it fairly well,
> intrigues me.
They may have done the SMP part well, but as I wrote the IO performace
is poor. I could not belive what I measured. But one of the former
administrators confirmed that IO was real slow.
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