MITS 2SIO serial chip?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Dec 16 22:49:16 2001

Just how does the FPGA fit in here?

With a 179x and a 9229, you need only a pal and an oscillator. With a 2797 and
no need for data rate changes, i.e. 500 KHz only and MFM only, you only need the
2 MHz oscillator for the 2797 and an address decoder with which to generate the
select. You may want some logic to generate the wait-states, else your CPU may
not make it around the horn, so to speak, in a loop that gets in sync and then
stays there at 2 microseconds per bit.

What goes in the FPGA?


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> Richard Erlacher wrote:
... While a 2 Mhz machine would have been the speed of
> system in the 80's I might as well go to 4 Mhz since the FPGA will run
> that fast. As a side note a 2 Mhz machine is about the same speed as a PDP-8.
> for a jump. 2.5 us for memory access.
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