Troll got me (was Re: Is there no end)

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Sun Dec 16 23:40:33 2001

> From:

> >>Gee, a message from an AOL user with no HTML . . . imagine that . . .

> harrumph, will wonders ever fuckin cease?

Well, gee, no offense, it's just that html messages are a PITA to read with
my reader, and most lists and newsgroups frown on HTML posts.

> >> Kwanzaa is NOT a real holiday.
> >Okay, I'll bite: why isn't it?
> figure it out yourself, google is around for a reason

Google certainly is here for a reason, and I can do a search anytime I
like. My reason for asking is that you had stated an opinion, and I was
curious to find out more about your stated opinion. Based on the hostility
of your reply, I'll assume I was mistaken in asking.

Sheesh, man, what are you so pissed off about? This is a friendly list.
If you are so afraid of expressing your opinions, may I respectfully
suggest that you confine them to alt.flame.niggers, where you will find a
lot of other cowards to associate with.

FYI, I think it's a "made up" holiday and just wanted to know what your
thoughts were.

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