Spam? (was: Re: Should engineers be licensed (Was "Geeks"))

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 00:45:52 2001

> > > What they also ought to ban is cross-posting and multi-destination emails.

> > No spam! However crossposting is good providing the information is
> > related.

> Speaking of spam, I've started getting spams since I started posting to
> this list. Looks like I've ended up on a list of addresses from an email
> harvesting robot. Needless to say, the spammer is really gonna be sorry by
> the time I get thru with him/her...

So has this address, which is nominally private. While classiccmp isn't
necessarily to blame, I'd still like E-mail addresses obscured or at
least made non-obvious to bots in the archives.

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