[PDP8-Lovers] Re: how to clean a PDP8/A, dishwasher?

From: Johnny Billquist <bqt_at_update.uu.se>
Date: Mon Dec 17 12:49:47 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Dave McGuire wrote:

> On December 17, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> > They wash them yes. They *don't* put them in a dishwasher. There is a
> > hughe difference.
> I dunno, man...I've only come into contact with two commercial board
> washers in the past, and they were very much like dishwashers...right
> down to the fold-down front door and the spinning sprayer, except the
> spinning sprayers were at the top in these units.

One thing I do know is that until recently, noone even used water to clean
the boards. Some have now started using water, but many still use other
cleaning fluids. The reason I know is that this is considered an
environmental problem, and have created some headlines from time to time.

Other things, that are more guesswork on my part is that they don't have
the same temperature as a normal dishwasher. I would also be concerned
about remenants of detergent in a dishwasher.

Clean water itself should not be a problem. Anything gets wet, just let it
dry properly, and no harm will have been done.
Hot water however can be damaging to old components that are becoming
brittle. Especially if you spray with high pressure. So, temperature,
pressure, and detergent are the reasons I wouldn't use a dishwasher.


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