[PDP8-Lovers] Re: how to clean a PDP8/A, dishwasher?

From: Feldman, Robert <Robert_Feldman_at_jdedwards.com>
Date: Mon Dec 17 11:43:18 2001

For laughs, take a look at

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Wrong. One manufacturer I worked for used a commercial Hobart dishwasher
that was modified by an electronics distributer to include racks
specifically made to handle printed circuit boards. This "boardwasher" was
literally a dishwasher. Not a unique setup, either.

You say there is a huge difference. What are the differences? Every
boardwashing setup at every manufacturer I've consulted or been an employee
of used a system that washes boards using higher water pressure and
temperature than your common household dishwasher. If you are referring to
a big difference, then I guess you are right. Your dishwasher is *MUCH*
more gentle for the items being cleaned than the typical commercial
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