[PDP8-Lovers] Re: how to clean a PDP8/A, dishwasher?

From: Matthew Sell <msell_at_ontimesupport.com>
Date: Mon Dec 17 12:59:51 2001

You probably shouldn't use WD-40.... Better to use a good type of grease.

They forgot to install grease fittings.... : )

On a side note, we had a guy from IS about ready to lubricate the bearings
on a hard drive once. The situation started with a work order to repair a
"squeaking" hard-drive. The real problem was that some joker turned on the
"audible network activity" setting on an X-terminal, and it was "chirping"
every time it attempted to access the network. Some guy came in on a
different shift, and thinking he was a computer expert, quickly came to the
conclusion that the hard drive needed replacement because the bearings were

Being the budget-minded people we were, we suggested to him that rather
than replacing the expensive hard drive, we would ask the Information
Services group to send a technician to repair, rather than replace, the
hard drive. When the technician arrived we showed him the work order, and
demonstrated the "chirping" noise. He agreed with the conclusion of the guy
who write the work order that the hard drive really was at fault, and we
convinced him that he should take it to the facility maintenance people to
have them install a grease fitting on the hard drive and to "lube it up".

As he started to take the case off of the terminal we pointed out the
network activity setting. We got a good laugh out of it....

         - Matt

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