Hardest to Find Classic Computers

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Dec 17 09:43:15 2001

> We have 2 KS-10's at the mill. Retro in Providence had a KS-10 and a
> KL-10 and now has another. Actually, I think one of the KL-10's might be
> for sale. It needs a lot of work, but you might contact them.
> osfn.org/rcs, I think.

The fate of the DECSystem 2065 (the "project") is uncertain at this time,
as some want to keep it, some want to trade, sell, or give it away. We
already have one person on the list - and as far as I am concerned he has
dibs - but if others are interested, please contact me off list.

Frankly, we ran out of space when the Sikorsky DECSystem 1090 rolled thru
the door, as itis a complete system with lots of drives and lots of core
(1.5 MW of it in six MH10 cabinets). The machine is essentially pristine,
officially decommissioned by DEC. Sikorsky also treated the machine very
well during its working life. Because it needs almost no work to get
running, there is no point for RCS/RI to keep the "project", as the two
machines are quite similar.

These PDP-10s are interesting things - five years ago they were
unobtainium, but now a good 20 have popped out of the woodwork (mostly

William Donzelli
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