Flashing Light Indicators un Simple Front Panels

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Mon Dec 17 07:53:56 2001

> No, I'm afraid you may have hit it on the head, and it's been the
> direction I've been leaning, that the microcode ROMs may have
> fried, but that just blows my mind. Tonight, I'll set up the
> PC that's got my ROM burner/reader, and read each one (if the
> ROMs aren't too large a size for my Needham unit). I'm assuming
> I'll see all 00s or all FFs (or maybe something like FEs) if
> they're blown; been a long time since I've looked at popped
> ROMs...

Ok, my microcode ROMs are fine, via direct observation
(dumped them to disk then ran them through my LOW7 filter
to strip the mark parity bit from the Prime ASCII. I also
verified the ROMs are OK by managing to provoke the system
to issue an error message that resides *only* in those ROMs.

> About the only other possibility is that the backplane got
> cooked, but it looks fine...

There are still some possibilities other than this, the
Primes appear to have been way-overengineered w/r/t making
sure the power is OK.

Thanks for all the suggestions, folks...

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