How did they string core?

From: Gene Ehrich <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 09:27:36 2001

At 09:28 AM 12/17/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Some manfacturers did it by hand, some by machine. IBM had core stringing
> > machines during the S/360 era, for the huge stacks (about 1' by 4') used
> > in some of the storage units. They also had cores hand strung in the far
> > East, as the cheap labor was more economical than the robots.

I was an industrial engineer assigned to the Core Line in Poughkeepsie for
IBM. As the cores got small and smaller the operation became harder and
harder. We used a large screen like device with slots in it. The cores were
dropped onto the screen which was shaken so that the cores would fall into
the proper holes. Then a button was pushed and the N/S and then the E/W
wires pulled through the centers of the cores. The last part of the
operation was the diagonal (bias) wires which were threaded though by hand.
Very few individuals were capable of this last part of the operation.
Almost all of the operators were women. Men just couldn't do the fine point

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