New Finds

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 16:19:30 2001

Today I found the following:

1) IBM PS/2 P70 Portable with Xenix386 loaded. Does anyone know
how to bypass the root password so I can log in?

2) A DEC BC56H SCSI cable. I have enough, but since this is a
little hard to find, I bought it to pass on to anyone on the list
that needs it.

3) An Apple board with part number 077-0219-A. This has two
9-pin connectors, one labeled "TO MOUSE UNIT" and the other
labeled "TO MOUSE CONN.". There's a 25-pin connector labeled
"TO SCSI CONN.". The date on the board is 1985. Since the
board only cost $1, I figured I'd better grab it before it
was tossed.
Eric Dittman
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