Crays, SB1105, Texas state law (was: Re: Hardest to Find Classic Computers ....)

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 18:04:38 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Jeffrey S. Sharp wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Doc wrote:
> > I was the LAN Op at Building 5, PRC from mid-98 thru late last year.
> > That's literally next door to the cantral surplus barn. I was friends
> > with the guy who is now the director, who was the shop foreman then. I
> > can tell you first-hand that the Surplus department has a lot more
> > control over classification than the releasing department.
> They must have more control. As I said on another thread, they auctioned
> a huge load of very much on-topic stuff to me from that very barn.

Sounds like I may have to find a way of transportation to their next
auction. It sounds like they have better stuff and seem to care more then
the places down here.

> > There is some leeway as to what is designated DCE. If the unit is
> > suffciently outdated and slow (OK, by THEIR standards), it's likely to
> > be sold as scrap at auction.
> The auctions seem to be held by Swico Auctions (,
> and there's one coming up on January 23. I'm waiting for them to post
> a list of items.

I'd never heard of Swico till you mentioned them, and they look like a
good company. I've been dealing with Shattuck for years, and must say
those guys really seem to know how to run an auction.

> I don't have the money to make a haul this time, but I'm still eager
> to see what will be there.

I know all too well how that goes...I've had to drop out of bidding on
some things before that I really would have liked to bought and gotten
running again. Sadly we have some moron dealers and individuals that go to
some of these auctions, who think they are really gonna be able to resell
say a dead VaxStation w/o monitor/kbd/mouse for $500-1000 or more ;P

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