was "how to clean".. How did they

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> And they had women doing the work because they apparently are better
> at working with their hands (i.e. needlework).

Women, hmm but don't kid youself, many men are capable of this
task because in old days and still is repairing mechanical watches
even still make them and produce replacement parts by hand.
Those mechanical wind up and analog quartz watches still require
cleaning and lubing. Been there and have shirt for clocks and
watches on making precision parts and also for computers.

With more
practice and proper tools, I can on more diffcult parts of certain
parts in timepieces. But I can't yet due to no funds available for
those tools I can machine fine parts by hand.

Smallest wind-up watch that you can buy is (out of it's casing)
size of 4 dimes stacked by seiko or russian made (cardial).



> Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer Festival

PS: Asolute master clock-maker can produce very accurate time-pieces
suitable for nav. Beauiful piece of work! :-)
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