Crays, SB1105, Texas state law (was: Re: Hardest to Find Classic Computers ....)

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 21:10:41 2001

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Tothwolf wrote:

> I guess it depends on which location/warehouse stuff is located at. UT
> M.D. Anderson Cancer Center seems to auction off some of their older
> non-pc stuff. UT Houston Health Science Center sends *everything* that
> remotely resembles a computer to TDC. UT Medical Branch at Galveston also
> seems to take no chances with SB1105 and sends nearly everything to TDC. I
> haven't been to many UT Austin auctions, so I don't know what the normal
> practice is there. I've never been to any of the UT San Antonio auctions,
> but it sounds like they do a better job of sorting than most of the other
> locations. Each location is run more or less independently from the
> others, so this isn't surprising.

Oh. My. God.
 Reading this, I realized I'm as guilty as the little snobs going to UT
Austin. "You mean there are *other* UTs???" The other campusses just
never entered my mind.
 Slinking off to dig a hole,

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