8008/SCELBI Emulator Now Available for Testing

From: Loboyko Steve <sloboyko_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Dec 17 21:20:52 2001

Recently, I've embarked on building modern copies of
microcomputer systems utilizing "the big three" micros
avilable at the dawn of the personal computing era -
namely, the 8008, the 8080, and the 6800. I wanted
each to run a high level language. The only HLL I
could find for an 8008 was SCELBAL, a BASIC-like
language for the 8008 and 8080, written in 1975/76. It
was never apperantly released except in book form; I
have put in in computer readable form, and written an
assembler for it (it uses somewhat old fashioned
assembler syntax). In order to test it and to make it
rommable, I needed to debug it, so I wrote a
debugger/emulator for it, and one thing lead to
another, and I wound up making a fairly fully-featured
emulator/debugger for the 8008 complete with virtual
UART, terminal, and the ability to output to a COM
port (yeah, I could have done Telnet, but, hey, it's
an 8008, fer goodness sakes...). Although the program
was written in VB6 (when all's you got is a hammer,
everything looks like a nail), some trickery permits
8008 code to execute approximately as fast as a real
8008 when the emulator is run on a PII-450. The COM
port feature is nice because you can put SCELBAL to
the com port, hook up a terminal at 300 baud to the
back of the PC, and pretend you have an 8008.

The code is in "kinda beta" form now, but it is quite
usable; I may improve it if there is any interest. I
think it is one of the only 8008 emulators available.
It's at:


It consists of a READ.ME (please read it), the ZIP (an
installer), and a patch that consists of a newer EXE
which should replace the one installed by the

Feel free to download it if you are interested, but if
you're only mildly interested, please don't, because I
don't have infinite bandwidth usage available on this
account. Let me know what you think of it.

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