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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 21:02:21 2001

> > Either way, that would be pretty cool. I've got Warp Connect
>> running on my P70 with an Evergreen 486 upgrade.
>I'm pretty sure a 486 upgrade will be my next step. Do you have
>any pointers for entering the BIOS, opening the system, etc.?

        Is there anything with Xenix that would cause it to choke on
a 486 upgrade in the P70? Even if it didn't, you likely wouldn't
see much of a speed increase since some/all of the upgrades, such as
the Evergreen Rev-to-486 like I used, require a driver to enable the
cache. The only problem I've run into so far is that the driver
seems to be conflicting with the use of an XGA-2 at the same time.
Otherwise the upgrade, which uses a TI 486SXL2 running at 40mhz,
works fine under OS/2 with an IBM SCSI card and 3com NIC card. There
are better accelerator options but they require the use of one of the
MCA slots, of which there aren't enough of as it is!

        As for opening the machine, it's pretty simple. Undo the
three large slotted screw fasteners (two on the bottom of the case,
one in the upper-right corner of the back, beneathe the cover door)
and then gently press in on the bottom of the machine, working your
way from one side to the other. This will gently unlatch the fingers
holding the back panel to the main part of the case.

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