Hardest to Find Classic Computers

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Dec 17 20:37:45 2001

> I should add to the list of hard to find stuff early Intergraph
> workstations. Clipper based, and pre-clipper (were they VAX?) Intergraph
> systems.

The early big servers were VAX based. In fact, they were mostly just
rebadged. RCS/RI has an Intergraph VAX 8550. It has some really strange
custom hardware in the disk controllers - something about these things
could do searches thru files on the disks for specific graphics entities
(for CAD) without bothering the processor. Odd.
> There's one CDC workstation that was a re-badged Indigo, that's
> relatively common. It's the only CDC system I've seen for sale.

CDC was rebadging IRIS 3000 machines as Cyber 910s.

William Donzelli
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