was "how to clean".. How did they

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That's not being sexist or rude - it's FACT.

I used to work for a company that made meter movements - very tedious work.
The entire room where this assembly and repair was conducted was full of
women. They worked all day long using magnifying lenses and lamps. The
portion of the manufacturing area that I was assigned to had to be
temporarily moved to this room, and we were the only men there.

All day long these women would work and discuss husbands/boyfriends, soap
operas, and gossip about everyone in town. Originally, men were used for
this kind of work and too many of them went nuts after a while. There were
women working in this room that had been around for a few years, with some
having 10-20 years of experience in this particular job.

It's been proven that women can handle tedious, meticulous jobs day in and
day out better than the average man. After seeing what those women in the
meter room did all day long, it was easy for me to see just how quickly a
guy would go bonkers doing that kind of work.

Just a personal observation.....

         - Matt

At 08:28 PM 12/17/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Not to be sexist or rude but I think that women have a better tolerance for
>boring tedious work while sitting on their butts for long periods of time.
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> > Hand made, usually by women working under low power microscopes.
>And they had women doing the work because they apparently are better
>at working with their hands (i.e. needlework).
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