Troll got me (was Re: Is there no end)

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Mon Dec 17 23:42:09 2001

> From: Douglas Quebbeman <>

> The difference between "real" holidays and "made up" Holidays
> seems to be: if the Holiday was "made up" before you were born,
> then it's real (like Mother's Day, which was instituted by
> President Woodrow Wilson); if it was made up in your lifetime,
> then it's "not real, just made up."

I based my statement upon information gleaned from conversations with my
customers, 80% of which are black. Most of them think that Kwanzaa was
"made up" by retailers in order to get their money. Some have told me that
they resent the "social engineering" aspect of Kwanzaa. Here in the South,
there seems to be very little support of or identification with this event
among African-Americans.

> January 1 was "made up" into New Years Day by an act of
> fiat; New Years Day used to be April 1.

When and how did this happen?
> I believe "Father's Day" was "made up" in the 50s...
> I hope the pattern is clear... Kwanzaa is as valid
> a Holiday as any.

For those who celebrate it, I'm sure this is true. It's just that I
haven't met many of them . . .

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