TI Calc and PS/1 printer

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Mon Dec 17 23:59:20 2001

I finally got a chance to get to the new thrift store that opened near me
(Salvation Army).

I got a good deal on a 28.8 external Mac modem (needed one for my nephew,
56k would have been nicer, but for $1 I can't argue).

While I was there, I saw two items that might be of interest to some of

1: Texas Instruments calculator "Standard Business Analyst" in a wallet
case with a small guide book. They want $8 for it.

2: IBM PS/1 printer (dot matrix it looked like, but I didn't crouch down
to really check it out). They want $20 IIRC.

I will be going back there in a few days to see what the price is on an
Apple Thermal Transfer Printer (I have never heard of such a beast, but
since it carries a DB25 connector, I assume it is Apple II series stuff,
platinum, so it is later II). It didn't have a price tag on it, and it
seems they have a policy that when something has no tag, they remove it
from inventory to be retagged and put back out on an unspecified day (I
guess to keep people from pulling tags to try to get things cheaper).

If anyone has an interest in the calculator or IBM printer (or the Apple
one, but specify what your max price for it is... I myself won't pay more
than $10), I can pick them up when I go back (and for the apple printer,
if they want more than $10 but less than someone else's max, I can pick
it up for them).

Let me know


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