Paper Tape Fun

From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Tue Dec 18 02:11:42 2001

Loboyko Steve wrote:

> I recently acquired (out of desperation) a DSI paper
> tape punch/reader on ePay (at a reasonable price, but
> not guaranteed to work). I cleaned it up, oiled it
> here and there, and after puzzling out the RS-232, got
> it running punching Mylar fine. To test it, I wrote a
> Windows program to test it out with; the program lets
> you type in a phrase, looks up the ASCII, and prints
> the letters out on the tape in a 7x5 matrix format,
> upper and lower case. I'm pretty sure that there were
> programs that ran on mainframes to do this sort of
> thing. Useless, but kind of fun

Not so useless. I've seen that technique used to label tapes. A little
more professional than a handscrawled name.

   -- hbp
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