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Date: Tue Dec 18 10:56:35 2001

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> I'm pretty sure I have a copy of Warp 4 Server, if I can find it. I'll
> look this weekend. ISTR, though, hearing that the OS/2 CDs don't image
> well. Does anybody know whether that's true? I maintain that a
> byte-for-byte dd will work on *anything*. Very Slowly. :)

Well, I've never met a standard CD that it wouldn't work on. I was told
third-hand by somebody who worked for SGI that their media was somehow "copy
protected" and couldn't be reproduced well.

I've successfully imaged my IRIX 6.2 media and booted/installed my system
from the backup. Works fine.

Also have done VMS, Solaris, and one of the "extras" disks that goes with
AIX. All of them worked fine.



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