From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Tue Dec 18 13:45:56 2001

>Same experience here. i've made copies of IRIX CDs, and I've made
>non-standard bootable distribution CDs. The only unusual feature is that
>they're an EFS filesystem rather than, say, ISO9660. But as far as a
>burner is concerned, an image is an image, and as far as Linux's dd command
>is concerned, the same is true (I've copied Apple CDs the same way, by
>dd'ing from the raw disk device holding the CD, to a file.).

Humm... but this still won't work for PSX game discs right? Since they
have a bad checksum, a standard burner can't write them back out, because
it will correct the checksum?

What I don't understand is, why can't someone write a program that will
write the back check? I used to have a floppy disk copier for the Mac
that did something similar. If the source disk was damaged, it would
write the damaged data to the destination disk (the software was SUPPOSED
to do that, it was to let you duplicate bad disks before running things
like MacTools on it, in case it didn't work, you could dupe it again, and
try something different)

Alas, that software was for back in the "Classic Mac" era, and no longer
runs (nor has any idea how to write to a CD)

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