MITS 2SIO serial chip?

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Date: Tue Dec 18 14:03:36 2001

Ben Franchuk wrote:

> What I wanted was a 12/24 bit CPU

I can live with that - 24 bits is really cool from a DSP point of view. 140dB
range and you can do two data moves and one arithmetic op with a 24-bit
The only modern day 24-bitter that I know of is the Motorola DSP56XX family.
Great for fixed point ( fractional ) number crunching.

> You tell me how I can make $$$ and I will not move to seattle.
> Deal? I could move to Antarctica and make linux boxes. Take a
> penguin and stuff it in old 386. Stamp exported from 'Finland'.:)

I must protest, that's cruelty to penguins. How would you like to be stuffed
into a box labeled Intel or worse still Micro... Damn my keyboards locked up.

How about stuffing old silicon into FPGA's ?

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