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honky has been around for a long time - my dad was a Chicago cop since '55
and even when I was little (4 or 5) I've heard him telling "war stories" of
encounters with the people on his beat where they referred to white folks as

"hood" is a newer term, but I remember hearing ofay and otay on episodes of
the Little Rascals, from back in the 30's...

"cracker" is a southern version of "honky", never heard it until I went to
texas for basic training.

How in the hell did this list get into racial slang anyway?

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> > Chris - Now, I'm a honkey (now what's the origin of that?)
> > just like you...
> The first time I heard the term "honkey" was on "The Jeffersons"... a
> favorite *classic* tv show... :)

Then there's ofey/ofay...

Oh, yeah, down 'Bama way, I believe the term is
"frecklebelly".... why? Ever notice how bubba's
t-shirts sometimes wear so thin around the belly?

It's cognate to "redneck"...

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