"Geeks" and licensing

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Rebuild a system the customer is satisfied with? Risk his process again?
Rather not.

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> >The book by Brooks {The Mythical Man Month)should be mandatory reading
> >every software man. It is fun too.
> >I have very good memories from projects where you could first build a
> >useful
> >small part of the system. The client could then update his requirements
> >and
> >you could get all the bugs out and when all was stable you would build
> >next part of the system. The client has a useful system very early in the
> >project and because you work together with the client (the user) in an
> >early
> >stage of the project, errors in the specification and the programs never
> >last long. Cost control is also facilitated. You have a satisfied
> >most of the time during development and very much so in the end. This was
> >for projects for up to 1.000.000 lines of code.
> >
> IMHO, Steve McConnell's "Code Complete" should be required knowledge for
> software engineers.
> Prototyping is certainly a valuable tool for developing complex
> applications. However, one must remember that the prototype is a means to
> the end and not the final product. Once the application is defined, you
> should throw away the prototype and build the system from scratch using
> knowledge gained from the prototype. By doing that, you'll have complete
> requirements, a more efficient design, and happy customers.
> In real life, it's pretty tough to convince management that you should
> all over. The typical reaction is to put the prototype in a box and sell
> is :-(
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