Hardest to Find Classic Computers

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Tue Dec 18 16:45:29 2001

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> hmmm...I'd only need the latter :) anyone have any idea where I could
> it? might the drivers come with AIX 4.3.2? I sort of doubt it, but you
> know...

I know of somebody who's got some RS/6000 machines which he believes might
contain the drivers on their internal disks. He hasn't started any of them
up yet, though, AFAIK. He's promised me a copy of the drivers if he has
them, but as to when he'll get around to checking, your guess is as good as

I have heard (please let me know if you find out differently) that they
weren't part of any AIX distribution media, but were separate.



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