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<< I had sort of gotten the impression that PCs don't count on this list.
  I have a 5870-121 that I snarked recently, with 4 megs of RAM and a
 120M ESDI drive. I'm wondering what I want to put on it as OS. I have
 plenty of Linux/NetBSD critters. I was thinking OS/2, but I threw v3.0
 Warp on Saturday night, but it's slow as dirt with 4 megs. Oh, yeah. It
 had the original reference disk in the floppy drive. I think that's
 really why I bought it.
  I also have a Model 25 386dx/16 which is one of my favorites. It had
 a token-ring ISA adapter, as well as an 8-bit ethernet adapter I can't
 ID, no hard-drive, and was set up to netboot. I finally found the J-leg
 387 for it, stuck in a 500m drive with EZ-drive, and run PC-DOS &
 Lemmings, mostly. >>

The 8570 you have is not bad, but way too small and not really easy as far as
drive expansion goes. put the max amount of 16meg memory in it and os2 will
thank you. mod80 is much better for expansion. that 386 8525 is neat, but not
really rare. I wouldnt consider any PS/2 rare except for maybe the PS/2 E
which I would just call uncommon.

Happy Festivus!
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