Holiday spirit (was Re: Troll got me)

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Wed Dec 19 00:19:47 2001

> From: Chris <>
> Oh, you need to come up here, and visit the heavily black neighborhoods
> of Jersey City (conviently, right where my wife grew up)... there,
> Kwanzaa is a big deal, and it has NOTHING to do with retailers getting
> their money. It has everything to do with their not celebrating christmas

> because that is whitey's holiday, and crackers are the enemy (their
> terms, not mine...

No thanks! I think I'll stay away from your neck of the woods! It's bad
enough here! In the last five years there have been a dozen shootings and
one murder within a quarter-mile radius from my shop. I keep the place
looking run-down so I won't get robbed. Not to imply that all these crimes
were committed by black folk -- but the fact is that most of them were . .
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