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Step off man (yeah I her lots of "brutha talk") anyway "otay" is buckwheat
saying "okay" as you mention, and I knew the meaning of ofay...as do I know
mofo, suka, etc. I used to get off the buss daily (at 8pm) for work in front
of the Cabrini-Green housing project in Chicago and when I had classes at
IIT it was in the heart of the ebonic section of Chicago. As I mentioned
earlier, I'm also the son of a Chicago cop that worked nothing but "bad
neighborhoods" as the other areas were too boring. I also went 4 yrs to JF
Kennedy HS in Chicago and it was probably 60/40 white/black then and we had
plenty of riots too. Made the movie "teachers" with Nick Nolte about JFK HS
in NYC look tame.

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Russ Blakeman wrote:

> "hood" is a newer term, but I remember hearing ofay and otay on episodes
> the Little Rascals, from back in the 30's...

O-tay? Maybe (someone trying to pronounce OK). Ofay is cussing and you
wouldn't have heard *that*.

> "cracker" is a southern version of "honky", never heard it until I went to
> texas for basic training.

That's from "whip-cracker" back in the slave days...
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