MITS 2SIO serial chip?

From: Greg Ewing <>
Date: Wed Dec 19 16:30:42 2001

Ben Franchuk <>:

> what is the faster CPU -- A 6502 or Z80 style processor like
> the rabbit.

Back when I used to spend long blissful evenings hand-assembling Z80
programs [1] I got the impression that Z80 code was more compact than
6502 code, being able to manipulate 16-bit values with single
instructions in many cases. Whether it was actually faster I don't
know, but I suspect it was, as long as you stuck to the 8080-like core
instructions which didn't take ridiculous numbers of cycles to

[1] I didn't do it in a storage locker, although I did often
    had the heater on in winter.

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